Hinduism recognizes nine planetary gods, called Navagrahas, namely Surya, Soma or Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Sukra, Sani, Rahu and Ketu. Of them the first seven are gods, while last two are demons, who along with Sani cast a negative influence upon people when the planetary gods are not properly aligned.


80% of the people in India are Hindus, considered one of the oldest religious and philosophical systems in the world. Islam is practiced by 13.4% of all Indians, 

Select from the largest selection of Hindu gods statues in the world! Lotus Sculpture features fine handmade the Hindu gods statues like Shiva, Parvati, Krishna, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Ganesh, Nataraja, Devi, Saraswati, Shakti, Buddha, Kali, Murugan, Patanjali, and Hanuman. Each Hindu gods statue is authentic, hand made by the artists of India and Bangladesh. The founder of Lotus Sculpture Temple Illustration of Hindu temples in India Main articles: Hindu temple, Murti, and Hindu iconography A Hindu temple is a house of god(s).[370] It is a space and structure designed to bring human beings and gods together, infused with symbolism to express the ideas and beliefs of Hinduism.[371] The Gods and Scriptures of Hinduism Some estimates of the number of Hindu gods run into thousands. Others suggest that innumerable minor gods exist, but there is actually just one true “god For us, God is everywhere and we are also part of God. God is not a separate entity to fear.

Hinduism gods

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It is believed to have created the universe and many other gods and goddess to be his helpers. Many Buddhist and Hindu gods and goddesses have multiple poses to represent their complex nature. This list only identifies the most common poses of the most common deities because 33 million descriptions would take a long time to write. Hinduism is a deeply pluralistic tradition, promoting respect for other religions and acknowledges the potential for truth in them.


Who is Ganesha? You have to be kidding me! The Hindu god Ganesha had an elephant's head. Yes! A human body! Ganesha protects businesses, students,

The ancient Hindu religion is known for its multitude of gods (some say many million offshoots of the original g About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy In fact, there are many things which make Hinduism unique and one of the most widely accepted religions in the world. Typically, Hindu religion is known for its rich and varied festivals, elaborate rituals, scores of religious texts, religious practices, its concept of life, principles, ideology, and of course for its many Gods.

Gods in Hinduism can be analyzed as a set of functional deities, the trinity being the most popular. Each god holds a specific purpose and power. For example, Indra is the rain god; Kumar is the commander-in-chief; the trinity gods are the creator, protector, and destroyer; and others represent different functional aspects of the gods.

Hinduism gods

* Staff Room · Link to copyright page. Early Hindu Gods  Results 1 - 20 of 125 Explore our list of Mythology, Gods, & Deities - Hinduism Books at Barnes & Noble®.

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Hinduism gods

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Yoga and Hinduism are often practices that go hand-in-hand in the West but are more deeply fused and widely practiced in India. Appropriately so, because India is their birthplace. 80% of the population of India identifies with the belief system and recognizes these major Hindu gods.
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Hinduism. Algeo, John: Reinkarnation i ny belysning, svensk upplaga 1994 Martin: BhagavadGita (översättning), Stockholm 2001 Gods and Goddesses of 

Mahavidya. "The rooster vahana is Goddess Saraswati sitting on Lotus Hindu God Poster (Size10"x16"  God Peter Max (with Words By Swami Sivananda) Art,Hinduism. Butik.

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2003-07-31 · The god Shiva is part of the Hindu Trinity, along with Vishnu and Brahma. He is considered to be everything by those who worship him: creator, preserver and destroyer. In Shiva, the opposites meet.

The cow is also worshiped as the mother of the earth as her milk nourishes human life. 8. Tulsi Hinduism generally regards its 330 million as deities as extensions of one ultimate reality, many names for one ocean, many "masks" for one God.' Brown, Joe David, ed.

The three most important gods, referred to as the Trimurti include Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Even though there are numerous gods and goddesses in Hinduism, they believe that these are all ultimately just varying parts of Brahman, the Supreme Being. An avatar is the incarnated form of a god or goddess. Its role is to restore dharma, or moral order.

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Antoni Mandal • 7 pins. More from Antoni Es un santuario Sagrado. Es. Shiva Shakti. Andlighet.